Traditional Orangeries for the Isle of Wight

The sky sightlines are just one significant feature of the traditional orangery that help single it out from any other design. Inside and outside, this traditional design consists of everything you would expect of a time-old offering that forever endures, including the lantern roof. To finish it off in style, make sure that the internal and external colours chosen are complementary to the entire structure so that it captures the attention of all who see it, from whatever perspective.

Explore further below for further images, examples, features and complete projects for our range of traditional orangeries. If you want to know more, then you could download a brochure, request a quote or appointment, or visit our Newport Showroom.

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See what our happy customers have had done recently. Take a look some of our other traditional orangery projects

Traditional Green uPVC Orangery

An elegant traditional orangery with green low maintenance UPVC tilt & turn windows and matching French doors featuring attractive Cornice and Lantern roof – a beautiful...

Traditional Orangery with Lantern Roof

This unique traditional conservatory is a delightful addition to any home. The lantern roof feature and white PVC doors give the home a modern feel and...

Traditional Lantern Roof Orangery

A large traditional orangery with white casement windows and french doors. New windows throughout the house, a composite front door and white roofline....

A Choice Of A Traditional Or Sculptured Frame…

You can tell a traditional and sculptured frame apart by their individual dimensions and contours. This is something you will only usually notice close-up but the difference between the two is marked. Have a feel and look at both options before deciding which you favour the most.


Your Choice Of Sculptured Frame Can Give It A Modern Or Antiquated Look. What good is an orangery that isn’t fully thermally efficient? It will be if you have it constructed out of UPVC; one of the most energy efficient materials available. The added advantage of UPVC is that it is weather-resistant and won’t succumb to the weather nor ever need any form of cleaning or maintenance.


You would rightly expect your orangery to serve you well over the years and be able to endure through the ageing process. It definitely will do if you have it constructed from aluminium as it is an incredibly tough material that sustains its strength right through its expected lifespan. Because aluminium can be easily moulded and shaped, it enables it to accommodate huge pieces of glass, so those who choose to have an aluminium orangery can expect it to receive significant sunlight during the daytime.


The first orangeries were reputedly developed in the 17th Century utilising timber. There is no doubting that they looked terrifically stylish, but once the weather got hold of them they would soon become uninhabitable for the majority of the year. So what we have done is created a Heritage range that looks exactly the same as wood, but offers far better thermal efficiency for years down the line.

A Door Could Be The Missing Piece Of The Jigsaw…

You can feel the benefits of both the indoors and the outdoors when lounging inside an orangery. However, there will be occasions when the sunshine proves too hard to resist which is when any door solution fitted to your extension will come into its own. There are several orangery doors you can choose from; Bi-folding doors, Patio doors and French doors. Each will create a stunning opening into the garden which you will get a kick out of using.

 Bi-Folding Doors

If a newly installed orangery isn’t glamorous enough for you then consider the inclusion of some Bi-folding doors within the design. They are an extraordinary feat in door production as they consist of several individual door leafs that fold and slide in total unison to create various types of openings. Fold and slide them out entirely and you can create an entirely unrestricted opening to form one giant living area consisting of the interior of extension and your garden.

Patio Doors

For some, installing an orangery is all about adding spaciousness. If that’s your motive for buying one then consider having some Patio doors inserted into the design which when open will make it feel even more blessed with space. They will also give you fantastic access to the patio area outside so that you can sit out and relax in the sunshine.

French Doors

Orangery living is a very sophisticated way of spending your time at home, but you can make it even more sophisticated by opting to have French doors fitted. They look astonishingly pleasing on the eye due to the beautiful frames and immaculate glazing, and who couldn’t fall for that gorgeous double opening? French doors are undoubtedly one of the finest orangeries accessories available.

A Good Orangery Roof Is A Necessity…

An orangery will only fulfill your expectations if the structure is fitted with a roof that performs solidly. You have three types of roof to choose from at Coastline; the Classic Roof, Cornice Roof and Lantern Roof. Probably because of the name, most people elect to have a Classic Roof integrated into their orangery design, but the Cornice and Lantern roofs also have their benefits.

Classic Roofs

You can only call something a classic when it has demonstrated proven worth over a sustained period of time and that’s what the Classic roof has done. Most orangery designs in the UK utilise the Classic roof as it performs admirably and acts as a beautiful covering for this most glamorous of home extensions. You really can’t go wrong with a classic.

Cornice Roof

The roof of your new orangery will be a major talking point if you choose to have a Cornice roof installed. It can’t fail but impress any guests invited into the structure as it looks both elegant and stunning when applied in a finish that works well with the brickwork walls and the rest of interior and exterior. You can’t help but fall in love with it.

Lantern Roof

Some people will better know the Lantern roof as an Atrium roof. Either way, those who are familiar with it will be aware that it provides outstanding energy efficiency and keeps the inside of an orangery feeling warm and cosy throughout the day. It has fantastic styling too and will massively add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the design.

UPVC Colours

Our UPVC colour range is impressive. It encompasses traditional favourites such as classic white and beautiful black, and modern offerings including Chartwell Green. Whichever finish most takes your fancy, you can be safe in the knowledge that it will stay the course as all of our UPVC finishes are weather-resistance and will never require repainting or varnishing

Aluminium Colours

You just want to reach out and touch our aluminium finishes as they come alive when applied to the aluminium frame. How come they look so authentic? Coastline employs an 11-stage powder-coating process and always sticks to it so that the colour really stands out. You can also make aluminium imitate timber by choosing a woodgrain effect in Walnut, Rosewood or Oak.

Heritage Colours

UPVC and aluminium were not utilised in orangery manufacturing until way after the very first orangery was created. Timber was the go-to material for orangery design and there’s no denying that many of those orangeries looked fantastically stylish. But timber falls down in its inability to age well. We still love the look of timber though as highlighted by our Heritage range which is heavily influenced by the 19th Century sash timber window. You can have it supplied in colours of Cotswold Biscuit, Cream and Painswick.

We Make Conservatory Buying A Stress-Free Experience…

Buying a new orangery can seem daunting to some people as there are so many considerations to be made. Don’t feel overawed though as Coastline is at hand to assist with everything involved in an orangery installation. Our experience extends over many years so you’re in very capable hands and guaranteed to get an orangery that far exceeds your initial expectations. Orangeries are our bread and butter.


Homeowners tend to utilise their orangeries at different times of the day. We will carefully position your orangery depending on when it will most commonly be used. A visit from one of our design consultants will help us clarify where it is best placed. Those who want their orangery to receive a generous quantity of light and heat first thing in the morning will most benefit from an extension pointing north or east, with a south or westerly facing orangery attracting brightness and warmth later in the day. It is at this time the best choice of glazing will also be determined.


If you have fixed idea of how you intend to utilise the space within your orangery then it is important to tell us before the design is finalised. That way we can arrange and accessorise it to suit your needs. You may want it as an extra living or dining room, or perhaps the commute to work is becoming a chore and you want to create an office at home. We can accommodate all these requests and also install Wi-Fi, plug sockets et


There are various orangery accessories to choose from to help benefit the structure. A member of our team will inform you of all the options so that you’re fully in the loop beforehand. Some will be essential, others less so. Our wide-ranging experience often tells us what you need and what you don’t need so you can count on Coastline to help you choose wisely.


It’s very rare that two orangeries of a similar ilk will be within a similar price range as the majority are crafted bespoke which means that suppliers utilise dissimilar materials and constituents. The guarantee that two companies provide may also be in contrast to one another, the same goes for any accreditations they might hold. Buying cheap could come back to haunt you in the future as quality tells so make your choices wisely.


You need to be confident that your new orangery is of a sufficient quality and won’t let you down and out of pocket in the future. We fully understand this and that’s why anyone who buys an orangery at Coastline receives a lengthy guarantee with the product. From time to time, some small remedial adjustments may need to be made to the design so please read the guarantee and keep it somewhere safe.

Planning Permission And Building Regulations…

Most orangeries already adhere to building regulations and can go-ahead without any prior need for planning permission to be obtained. But occasionally you will need to deal with such obligations, or should we say that Coastline will handle them for you. We will take care of everything required to ensure that the orangery installation can commence without any unnecessary delay

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