Solid Roof Replacements for the Isle of Wight

Most of the solid roofs we install are for old, existing conservatories or orangeries that are no longer fit for us because they have lost their thermal efficiency. A replacement solid roof can breath new life into your present conservatory or orangery, not only in terms of how thermally efficient it will then be, but also how you use it and its looks. We only use the very latest, most durable materials, so a new replacement roof will reduce your energy bill, saving you money, add value to your home and most of all make your extension livable in again!

There are so many options available to you, much of which is explained further below, but you could and should be considering things such as the shape, the style, roof windows and colour. Our solid roof colours come in charcoal, burnt umber, antique red, and several other alternatives.

Not yet got a conservatory or orangery, but considering a solid roof extension? Then check our solid roof roof extension products. Explore our site, download oa brochure or get in touch to find out more.

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Whatever the project, we can cover it…


Many conservatories across the UK lay empty for large parts of the year because they no longer offer the warmth and comfort that they did at the time of their original installation. It is the responsibility of the roof to keep the interior thermally efficient. When the roof ceases to provide the necessary energy efficiency we can easily remove it and replace it with a solid roof to restore it back to its best.


So that your conservatory doesn’t have to be tampered with in the future upon the failure of the roof doing its job properly, you can always have a solid roof included in the design from the very beginning. During the planning and design stage, one of our consultants will mention the merits of including a solid roof and inform you of how it is renowned for providing enduring thermal efficiency in any weather. Another key selling point of the solid roof is that it can integrated into any style of conservatory with the minimum of fuss, especially if there is a lack of full brick height walls and a standard roof wrapper. We can assure you that a solid roof will not hold up the process.


The solid roof works wonderfully well with orangeries of all types, particularly those that have a double-ended Edwardian configured design. It will only add to the glamour and can even be adapted to accommodate mounted spotlights and centre pivot windows to help draw in ventilation and natural light. It’s most important role however is to ensure that the internal temperature remains comfortable each time you utilise the space..


We can craft a solid roof design for most types of home extension beyond the conventional conservatory and orangery for those wanting a permanently luxurious living space. The solid roof can be provided in two different styles; either made up of lightweight tiles or lightweight slates. Both options offer elegance and need absolutely no maintenance.


We tend to flit in and out of our porches when arriving or leaving home. It still needs to be energy efficient though, but it only will be if you have a solid roof affixed to the top of the design. If you have an existing porch then a solid roof can be retrospectively added to it in place of the current roofing system.

Offering You Countless Qualities…



The contemporary homeowner rightly expects their conservatory to provide thermal efficiency at any time of the year. However, this will only be the case if it is properly insulated and the roofing system is performing at its very best. You can rest assured that the solid roof fitted by Coastline will exceed your expectations as it features an insulated plywood and rigid insulation board.

Solid Feel

It’s the durability of a solid roof that surprises many people. It feels like quality and performs to an exceptionally high standard when chosen as a roofing system for all types of home extension. We’re always honest and admit that some natural light will be lost upon the installation of a solid roof, but still expect a generous quantity of light to force its way through the structure.

Solid Look

For the solid roof to be taken seriously as an alternative to traditional roofing systems it needed to share similar characteristics in appearance. Hours of painstaking detail have gone into the solid roof design so that when placed side-by-side an original roof tile or slate the difference is barely noticeable.

Simple Fit

We prefabricate the solid roof away in our factory away from your home to help quicken the installation process. Usually it only takes a few hours to fit a solid roof so that you’re not left waiting around to feel the benefits.

The Roof Has A Crucial Role To Play…


Internal Finishes

Internally, the vast majority of Warm Roofs come finished in plasterboard, easy to paint and it offers a modernistic and modest outlook that’s impossible to dislike.

Roof Windows

There’s no hiding away from the fact that a solid roof installation can lead to some natural sunlight being lost. But it isn’t something you should be overly concerned about as the inclusion of one or two roof windows will resolve the issue by giving the sun a further pathway inside. You can also utilise them for ventilation during the warmer months of the year as they will allow cool air to circulate throughout the space.

Available In Two Types Of Roofing Styles…

We produce our solid roofs as lightweight tiles and lightweight slates so that all tastes are catered for. They both work equally as effectively and can withstand anything that the weather throws at them. Even years down the line they will look as good as new, even though minimal maintenance is necessary.

Lightweight Tile

Restore your conservatory back to how it used to be with our lightweight tiles which can be incorporated into the existing design in no time at all. So that they match the previous roof aesthetic style choose between our finishes in green, charcoal, red, umber and ebony.

Lightweight Slate

Traditional slate really looks the part when first utilised in a conservatory roof design, but unless you commit yourself to looking after it that appearance soon starts to wear away. Once age begins to get a hold of it there is little chance of restoring it back to its former state. Imitation slate from Coastline shares all the hallmarks of traditional slate so far as how it looks, but it doesn’t easily disintegrate. We supply it in colours of plum, stone, brick red, black and pewter grey.

Colour Options

Choosing a suitably coloured solid roof for your home extension needs to be carefully considered as the finish selected needs to be complementary to your house roof tiles. The diversity of our coloured solid roof range means that finding something appropriate won’t be a laborious task. Available in five colour options (shades of red, grey and brown), the lightweight tiles are designed to match closely with your existing house roof. With exceptional durability, our lightweight tile offers superior performance and all the advantages of stone-coated steel. The lightweight slate has options in grey, black and red, again designed to complement the original building.

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Solid Roof Sunrooms

A conservatory with a solid roof is often referred to as a sunroom and offers more energy efficiency than a glass roof

Solid Roof Replacement

A replacement solid roof can breath new life to your conservatory or orangery, both thermally efficiency and looks

Solid Roof Extensions

Our designers have the flexibility to produce a solid roof for all variants of solid roof extension including conservatories, orangeries or something more bespoke