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You can collaborate and join in the design process with Coastline Windows & Conservatories when you opt to buy a Bespoke conservatory as it gives you the opportunity to stamp your own mark on its final appearance. Our Bespoke conservatories are the best way to create an extension guaranteed to suit your home as by combining your knowledge of your home with our technical expertise, we can produce a Bespoke conservatory that will provide you with your every need.

No matter how intricate or detailed the design you have in mind, our conservatory designers will be able to guide you through the whole process advising you at every stage on how to make the most out of your new living space.

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See what our happy customers have had done recently. Take a look some of our other Edwardian projects

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Full Height Edwardian Conservatory

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Edwardian Conservatory

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Green Edwardian Conservatory

This unique green Edwardian conservatory features a cornice and French doors characteristic of the Edwardian era. Constructed from UPVC it is elegant and easy to maintain....

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

The customer wanted a small addition to their bungalow, but with decent warmth, so we created a solid roof conservatory with a woodgrain finish to match...

Each Frame Is Beautifully Detailed…

Each conservatory has its own individual style and character due to the type of frame utilised in the manufacturing and design process. Until up close to a conservatory, you’re unable to fully appreciate the detailing and effort that goes into producing the frame which is when you will notice its many dimensions and contours. Only at this point will you be able to appreciate the dedication involved in frame production.


UPVC tends to be the favoured material choice for many conservatory companies including Coastline. Why? It’s extremely thermal efficient for starters and is therefore great at keeping the inside of the structure warm. It is also incredibly tough and can withstand virtually anything so that it stands tall and proud for many, many years. We should also mention that it’s weather resistant and doesn’t need any form of cleaning.


Few materials possess the strength that aluminium boasts. Despite its rigidness, aluminium is perfect for conservatory construction as it can easily be moulded to create slender frames that still offer enduring toughness. Because of the slim frames, aluminium is capable of accommodating significantly sized pieces of glass which means that an aluminium conservatory receives vast swathes of natural sunlight in the daytime.

Heritage Design

The very first conservatories were constructed from timber, but there are far less of them around nowadays as wood ages quickly and leads to conservatories becoming too hot or too cold. But there’s no getting away from the fact that a wooden structure looks more aesthetically-pleasing than conservatories made from many alternative materials. That’s why we have created a solution; the Heritage range. A Heritage conservatory offers a near identical look to timber, but doesn’t suffer at the hands of the weather and become unusable for large parts of the year.

The Way To Make A Speedy Escape Into The Garden…

Once you adjust yourself to conservatory living it’s very easy to become addicted to it. However, there will be occasions when the lure of the garden and the sunshine gives you an uncontrollable urge to exchange the indoors for the outdoors. The inclusion of a door in your conservatory will afford you the perfect route towards the outside world.

 Bi-Folding Doors

If a newly installed conservatory isn’t glamorous enough for you then consider the inclusion of some Bi-folding doors within the design. They are an extraordinary feat in door production as they consist of several individual door leafs that fold and slide in total unison to create various types of openings. Fold and slide them out entirely and you can create an entirely unrestricted opening to form one giant living area consisting of the interior of extension and your garden.

Patio Doors

The longer your conservatory is lived in, the more likely it is that its original spaciousness will somewhat gradually disappear. Not when you have Patio doors incorporated into it as you can put them into operation whenever space is hard to come by to make it feel roomy again. Left shut, natural sunlight will transmit itself through the doors to illuminate the interior, again making it feel generous in size.

French Doors

Conservatory living is a very sophisticated way of spending your time at home, but you can make it even more sophisticated by opting to have French doors fitted. They look astonishingly pleasing on the eye due to the beautiful frames and immaculate glazing, and who couldn’t fall for that gorgeous double opening? French doors are undoubtedly one of the finest conservatory accessories available.

The Roof Has A Crucial Role To Play…

Unless your conservatory roof performs to the expected level there is very little chance of it retaining warmth, in which case it should be replaced immediately. We have several reliable roofing solutions at Coastline, each offering a different look, but the same high standard of thermal efficiency. They’re noise-proof too so don’t worry about external noise of any kind causing you a disruption when you want to put your feet up in peace.

Polycarbonate Roofs

Many conservatories in the UK utilise a polycarbonate roofing system as it’s renowned for preventing heat loss and keeping the cold away from the interior. Available in 25mm and 35mm sheets, once positioned on the ceiling it will safeguard the comfortable feel within the structure, even more so when foil inserts are also inserted into the roof. Finish it in style by having it applied in a clear, bronze or opal colour.

Glass Roofs

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as being able to lie back and admire the scene above your conservatory. So that you can see everything that’s going on without any type of obstruction make sure that you have a wholly glass roof fitted at the time of your conservatory installation. Over time, it is inevitable that the glass will attract some dirt. So that you don’t have to go to the effort of attending to it, ask for a self-cleaning glass conservatory roof.

Solid Roof

You should view a conservatory as being your own private living space. If it doesn’t feel like that when you’re inside then you need a solid roof installed. It will afford you the secluded surroundings that you crave by obscuring what people on the outside can see when they peer inside in awe. We always advice our customers that some natural light will be lost upon fitting of a solid roof, but this can always be compensated for with roof windows and spotlights.

A Staggering Array Of Conservatory Colours…

The final finish applied to your conservatory needs to be complementary to the rest of the house so that it can integrated successfully. We’re only too aware of how eclectic house styles are throughout the Isle of Wight which is why we have committed to producing one of the most extensive colour ranges around. All of our colours have an authenticity to them that really comes to the fore when coated on the frames and they include shades in light oak, whitegrain and cream.

We Make Conservatory Buying A Stress-Free Experience…

There’s a lot to think about when buying a conservatory but that’s no reason to get stressed, especially when you purchase it from Coastline. We have a fantastic team of consultants who will relish bringing your conservatory design to life and handling every aspect of the fitting and installation. Just tell them your ideas and they will do all the necessary legwork to turn your dream into a reality. They’re a team you can have total trust in.


The lifestyle you lead will dictate at what times of the day you are most likely to use your conservatory. Some will immediately revert to it when they wake up in the morning, whilst others may use it as a place of relaxation after a hard day at the office. We will position the conservatory according to your requirements so that it receives the necessary light and warmth you need to get the most out of it.


You can use a conservatory for so many different purposes so be clear in your mind beforehand as to how you would prefer to utilise the space. You can have it arranged into an additional living area or if you’re the type of person who loves hosting friends and family then why not have it converted into a luxurious dining room. The decision is totally in your hands. All you have to do is tell us what appeals the most and we will produce a conservatory that satisfies your guidelines.


Most conservatory designs need to be accessorised for them to remain usable at all times of the year. If you haven’t the first idea of how your conservatory is best accessorised, and why would you, then leave it to Coastline to talk you through every available accessory and explain their purpose in detail.


Put two what seem like identical conservatories next to each other and the quote given for one, may be totally different to the other. How can this be? Home improvement firms source their materials from differing suppliers and the materials themselves may be of a varying quality which can result in a massive price differential. But remember, quality tells. Buying cheap doesn’t always turn out to be the value for money bargain you were expecting. It’s your responsibility to decipher which quote will turn out to be a long-term investment worth your money.


Nothing comes off our production line without being thoroughly, that’s why we’re widely regarded for providing top-quality products throughout our range. We’re confident in what we sell that every customer receives a lengthy guarantee with their chosen home improvement which covers you for every eventuality. Please be aware that mention is given in the guarantee of some possible future small remedial adjustments being necessary.

Planning Permission And Building Regulations…

We would never dream of commencing with a conservatory installation without first checking that it meets planning permission requirements and current building regulations. Coastline will deal with such obligations on your behalf so that you can concentrate on looking forward to the final installation. We have produced a handy factsheet relating to this important topic.

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Bespoke Conservatories

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Loggia Conservatories

Loggia conservatories are a modern building system that are incredibly versatile, quick to install and therefore very cost efficient

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Victorian Conservatories

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Edwardian Conservatories

The Edwardian conservatory has been a staple addition to British homes for years and continues to be a very popular conservatory

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Your chosen conservatory needs to look like a natural extension of your home so choosing the right coloured finish is imperative