Aluminium Windows for the Isle of Wight

We have been making quality thermal aluminium windows for the Isle of Wight and the south coast counties for over 40 years. Our aluminium products today are the result of continual development to improve aesthetics, strength, security, thermal efficiency and longevity. We recognise that today’s homeowners are concerned about environmental issues. Our focus on materials with sustainable credentials has helped us to develop replacement aluminium windows that can meet increasingly tough environmental standards.

The advantages of the latest thermal aluminium framed windows are strength, durability, elegance and high thermal efficiency. Aluminium window frames allow light to flood into your property from even the smallest window, whilst offering the peace of mind of enhanced high security. Coastline design and manufacture aluminium windows to the highest possible standards to ensure that our range of energy rated aluminium window frames will add value to your home. Customers can reduce their energy bills with environmentally friendly “A”, “B” or “C” rated windows.

We offer a huge range of ‘marine grade’ stock colours and finishes on our windows. Marine grade paint coating is used as standard, and has been developed and certified for use in coastal and seaside locations. Choose from many different RAL colours to match your property perfectly. We can offer bespoke colours to match the most unusual property styles and designs. Our aluminium window systems can be ordered in dual colours, allowing a different finish on both the inside and outside frames. As well as our standard painted finishes, we have three stunning sublimated woodgrain effects, replicating the luxurious finish of Walnut, Rosewood and Oak.

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Your choice of glazing…

You can of course have plain glass inserted into your new window design, and a fine choice it is too. We do have alternative glazing options though such as energy saving glass and privacy glass. It will come as no surprise to you to find out that energy saving glass is designed to help you do just that, save energy. Nor will you be shocked when we tell you that privacy glass is a way of obscuring your interior from the outside. involved in frame production.

Double Glazing

You can’t rely on single glazed windows to keep out the cold and see off any imposed threat by a burglar or thief. That’s why double glazing was invented several decades ago, to rectify the flaws that single glazing so obviously possesses. Double glazing succeeds on every level as it offers outstanding thermal efficiency and eliminates heat loss so that you don’t have to pay as much money to heat your home. Two panes of glass are most definitely better than one.

Triple Glazing

The triple glazed window market has been well established in colder parts of the world such as Scandinavia for many years and is only just now starting to increase in popularity in the UK. The rise in household fuel costs over the past decade has no doubt had a role to play in its growth. You would be amazed at just how much difference introducing a third pane of glass into a window frame can have on a home.

Privacy Glazing

You rely on your home for an element of privacy. It can be really off putting when you feel as though you’re being watched whenever passers-by walk past your property and look in. Privacy glass will prevent that from happening as it will limit what people can see, whilst still ensuring that you get a clear view of the outdoors from the comfort of home. Natural sunlight will also be able to force its way in as usual.

Secondary Glazing

At Coastline we understand that for some home, replacement UPVC or aluminium windows may not be the most suitable way to improve a homes energy efficiency. With secondary glazing you may be able to significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce drafts whilst still retaining the character of the property. Further to energy efficiency, secondary glazing  also brings acoustic benefitsm reducing the amount of external noise entering into the property.

Frames Can Be Shaped Into A Traditional, Fully Sculptured Or Contemporary Style…

When you have committed yourself to buying new windows for your home, one of your first decisions will involve choosing a window framing system. You have two types of frame available at Coastline; a traditional or contemporary frame. As the names suggest, one offers old-style detailing and the other has a more contemporary styling.


Many home improvement products are nowadays crafted from UPVC because it’s such a dependable material. Windows manufactured out of UPVC are guaranteed to significantly improve energy efficiency, enhance home security and because it’s weather-resistant, you won’t have to worry about looking after it. Never again will your home be blighted by draughts and cold spots because UPVC windows can be relied upon to keep your home shielded from the elements and reduce the cost of those expensive energy bills.


You need your windows to be tough and they don’t get much tougher than aluminium built windows. Few materials can match it for strength so once fitted at your home you can have full confidence that aluminium windows will protect your property. Though it is so strong, aluminium can actually be moulded relatively easily so creating slim sightlines is achievable. The primary benefit of this is that great expanses of glass can be inserted into the window frame allowing more light and heat from the sun to transfer itself into your interior. making it feel generous in size.


It looks like timber, and feels like timber. Such is the meticulous detail and intricacy put into Heritage windows and doors that you can easily be forgiven for mistaking them for wood. Using the traditional 19th Century timber window as a barometer of perfection, the Heritage frame recreates its artistry in design and unites it with all the key features of a 21st Century equivalent i.e. low maintenance, strong, highly energy efficient.

We Make Window Buying Easy For All Our Customers…

Most people will only buy new windows once or twice in their lifetime so your decision making needs to be spot on. However, we don’t want anyone feeling stressed at the prospect of finding new windows that slot into their property just as well as the original windows did at the time of the house being built. Coastline won’t allow this to happen as we help with every aspect of window buying to help you make sound choices.


Nowadays you will find that there are many different varieties of window style. Some windows slide up and down, whilst others utilise a tilt and turn motion. Don’t be overwhelmed by how much choice there is and get yourself to our showroom where we have many window designs on display. During your visit, feel free to test out the opening of each window to find out which you like the most.


The number of people living in ‘fuel poverty’ continues to increase as household fuel costs rise beyond the financial capabilities of many property owners. Those who are suffering with expensive energy may be doing so because the windows they have installed are failing to provide the necessary thermal efficiency needed to keep the house warm. New windows will lessen the problem and make you less reliant on your heating.


If a burglar ever targets your home, the windows are likely to be one of the first areas of the house they attempt to break through. Even when properly locked, some old windows are often unable to withstand any pressure applied to them, giving thieves open access to your residence. You can give them something extra to think about by replacing your old windows for our super secure double glazed or triple glazed windows.


Each window created by Coastline is built to last. We do absolutely everything we can to make sure that all our windows deliver what you expect of them and that’s why they all come with a guarantee. If any problems occur in the future, you have peace of mind knowing that the guarantee will cover you for most issues. We hope this gives you further incentive to choose Coastline ahead of anybody else.

So Many Colours To Choose From…

You will never have seen so many window finishes when you visit our showroom or flick through our window brochure. The colour applied to your new windows will be the most prominent aspect of the design so we suggest that you analyse the merits of each finish before settling on a favourite. Our finishes will also appeal to those keen on buying a window that never needs repainting as we have colours that endure.

UPVC Colours

Advances in technology have led to a greater array of finishes being made available for UPVC windows. Traditional white still remains the favoured finish for hundreds of people, but you also have newer colours like Chartwell Green and Irish Oak thrown into the mix. Each colour has an abundance of character and will give the window its own unique personality.

Aluminium Colours

Customers often compliment the quality of our aluminium-based finishes and enquire as to how we achieve them. They look so remarkable because they each undergo a stringent 12-stage powder-coating process so that they really come alive once applied to the window frame. You can even create aluminium windows that share similar aesthetics to timber by electing to have a wood effect finish in Rich Oak, Rosewood or Walnut.

Heritage Colours

The period feel of a Traditional 19th Century timber window has an inimitable charm that many homeowners aspire to incorporate into their abode. Thanks to our Heritage range, we’ve made dreams a reality, supplying these timber alternative windows in enduring finishes of Clotted Cream, Cotswold Biscuit and Painswick. Equally as stunning, are the alternatives of Corse Lawn and Eclectic Grey, not forgetting the wood-like colours of English, Irish and Silvered Oak.

Our Seamless Service…

Getting new windows installed can seem like a daunting task, but with over 30 years of experience throughout the South of England, with Coastline you can have lots of confidence. We always manufacture and install windows to the very highest of standards meaning you can be ensuring of getting the very best product, service and customer support every time.


If you have an idea of the type of windows you would like for your home, then bring your ideas to us with some rough measurements or maybe a photograph of your home. If you’re less sure about what you want, then our experts can support you in making a decision that is right for you and your home. We will then draw up the plans on our computer, showing you how it will look from every angle – all part of our free design and quotation service.


One of our expert Coastline surveyors will visit your home to take detailed measurements and confirm the requirements for your windows, keeping you informed all along the way


Coastline will handle everything for you from manufacture, to design and to installation. We will precisely schedule each step so you know exactly who is arriving and what is happening and when. Replacing windows will always be done in an efficient manner, meaning the job can be done quickly, with efficient costs to you and everything tidied up afterwards.

Free Tailor Made Designs

For further information on the fabulous range of home improvement products available, simply request your free brochure online today!

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Our Windows Range

Aluminium Windows

Our Lusso Thermal Aluminium windows feature a Marine-Grade finish suitable for seaside and coastal areas, and come in a wide range of colours!

UPVC Windows

UPVC windows available in a range of colours and woodgrain finishes, with choice of double and triple energy efficient glazing.

Sash Windows

Our sliding sash windows are perfect for period properties, and include innovative cleaning mechanisms. Available in various colours and woodgrain finishes.

Bay Windows

Bay windows available in both thermal aluminium and UPVC. Our bay windows are reinforced for extra peace of mind and safety.

Georgian Windows

Coastline’s Georgian windows are available in both UPVC and aluminium depending on your taste and budget. Georgian bars can be internal or applied to the outer glass!

Woodgrain Windows

Life-like woodgrain windows provide the beauty of wood, but offer the practicality of modern materials such as low maintenance and warm thermal properties.

Energy Efficient Windows

With the ever-rising cost of heating, many people are looking for ways they can become more energy efficient – our windows are a great start.

Windows and Doors

We have been manufacturing and installing quality UPVC and aluminium windows and doors in the South of England for over 40 years.

Replacement Windows

We are replacement UPVC and aluminium experts on the Isle of Wight. Supplied with double or triple glazing and a wide choice of styles!

Double Glazing Windows

Now a standard feature in all modern homes, double glazing is the most cost-effective way to ensure your property is energy efficient.

Triple Glazing Windows

Triple glazing from Coastline is available across the entire window and door range, in both UPVC and aluminium.

Tilt & Turn Windows

With a turn of the handle, our Tilt & Turn windows can open both inwardly via the bottom hinges or inwardly on their side hinges.