Patio Doors

If you’re short of space in your home then why not open up the space by installing a set of Patio doors from Coastline.

When fully opened, your property will feel so much more spacious than it did previously and will give you more opportunity to use your garden on a more regular basis. Even when indoors you can expect your Patio doors to provide you with a perfect view of your back garden so that you don’t even have to get up off your sofa to enjoy it. Coastline can provide those interested in Patio doors with a selection of coloured frames to make them stand-out that bit more.

No home on the Isle of Wight or throughout Newport should be without Coastline’s sophisticated patio doors if they want the most stylish property.

Putting in patio doors is great for garden lovers...

Patio doors are very different to traditional hinged doors as they don’t open outwards or inwards, but instead slide across to give you an opening. Because of that, they won’t occupy invaluable space indoors when open. We find that most of our customers prefer to have patio doors integrated into the rear wall that connects their home to their garden. They’ll provide you with a stylish way of opening out the house and making the garden more accessible. You will even be able to position furniture close to the doors without tables, chairs etc. hindering the opening function.

It will almost feel as if they’re floating across when you push them from one side to the other, and that’s without it being hard work

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