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A UPVC conservatory is the perfect choice for so many homeowners thanks to its durability, low maintenance and the options for customisation.

With such a wide choice of styles and options coupled with low maintenance, it’s not surprising that UPVC conservatories are by far the most popular type on the Isle of Wight. Whether you need a bigger lounge, kitchen or dining room a new conservatory could be the space you need. They’re also the most cost-effective option – so you can have all the added space and lifestyle benefits of a conservatory at a minimal cost. UPVC requires very little maintenance given the incredible durability of the material and you can choose from our popular design styles including Edwardian, Victorian, Gable, Lean-To, P-Shaped or T-Shaped. If none of these work for you, why not visit our showroom and design your perfect conservatory. We can’t wait to help you get your dream living space!

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A classic conservatory will give you everything you want, and more...

We don’t go about calling things a “classic” without the term being used justifiably and there is no question that our classic conservatories are more than deserving of their name. This sublime collection of conservatories covers some of the foremost conservatory styles, many of which are undoubtedly timeless, such as the Edwardian, Victorian, Gable and Lean-To styles. Largely constructed using a dwarf wall, the materials and components used to build each of these conservatory styles are simply outstanding - we’d accept nothing less. They’ll never show their age and they’ll never lose any of their structural integrity. Once you starting using a classic conservatory, you’re never likely to stop doing so.

If you want to customise your classic conservatory, it’s not a problem. Coastline is forever designing and installing bespoke extensions for customers.

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Get an up-to-the-minute and immensely fashionable conservatory...

Contemporary conservatories come with an internal pelmet, something you won’t usually get with a classic conservatory. They also have a very warm atmosphere and that will be abundantly clear within a few moments of you entering into one. The internal pelmet can house mounted spotlights and you should make the most of this option as you will almost definitely want to be able to use the conservatory at night, as much as you do during the daytime. When they’re switched on, the artificial light will fill the space with brightness and make the interior feel beautifully luxurious.

Something else that will give a contemporary conservatory a fashionable finish is the colour you choose for the design. Adding bi-folding or French doors to the conservatory is also a common modern trend. You will find it exhilarating each time you open the doors and establish the most perfect garden gateway.

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Assume the role of designer and create your very own conservatory...

We wouldn’t feel at all insulted if you told us you wanted to come up with your own conservatory design as we appreciate that people have differing needs and expectations. Coastline will give you all the support and guidance you need to develop a bespoke conservatory design that you will be dying to tell your friends and relatives that you came up with yourself. Throw out any challenge to Coastline and our team will come up trumps.

Of course, glass will be a key component in the design, but as far as everything else is concerned, that’s entirely in your hands. Communicate your specifications to Coastline and also tell us what colour, accessories and glazing you want. Plus, don’t forget about any furniture, fixtures and fittings. It will be a proud moment when you finally come face-to-face with a conservatory that you personally dreamt up.

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With our range of classic conservatory designs, offering both space and value, we have a selection of conservatories from which you can choose the perfect addition to your the Isle of Wight home.

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