Getting your dream home has never been easier

Whether you have just moved into a new property or have remained in the same location for many years, wanting to make our homes more ‘us’ is a very natural instinct. There are of course many simple ways we can personalise our homes, from the pictures we hang up, to the style and color of furniture we choose. However, for many, this is not enough, and to fully realise the house of our dreams, bigger changes are often required.

From the installation of modern windows and doors, to the creation of a new open-plan design and the addition of a glass or solid-roof extension, Coastline Home Improvements continues to help homeowners across the Isle of Wight get the homes of their dreams. Furthermore, thanks to improvements in design, production and installation, achieving these dreams has never been simpler or quicker.

Whether you are looking to install bi-folding that doors that instantly eliminate the boundary between your home and garden – enabling you to switch between the two with minimum fuss, or are looking for a solid, secure, all-year-round warm solid-roof extension, Coastline Home Improvements has the experience and expertise to quickly and easily make it a reality. Furthermore, we will take care of any required licenses and paperwork; meaning you can just sit back and see your home transformed before your very eyes.

As part of the complete service we provide, we are also proud to offer local homeowners the very latest in Virtual Reality and 3D designing. This exclusive technology enables you to ‘walk through’ your design before any actual work is carried out. Not only does this ensure everything is perfect before beginning, but it also allows you to easily change your mind – something that was impossible in the past!

Whether you are looking to reduce your home’s carbon footprint by installing highly-energy-efficient glazing or improving the security of your home through the very latest, most secure windows and doors, Coastline Home Improvements offers a complete service – ensuring any work is effortless and stress free for you. As part of the total service we provide, we also offer a variety of flexible financial plans to help you better budget for any work you need – helping you to more affordably spread the cost and ensure you get exactly what you want.

To learn more about our many great products and services, simply give us a call today, or pop into our showroom to see for yourself the great variety and quality of our products.

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