Top tips to make your home feel bigger

3rd July 2020

After being stuck inside our homes for the last few months you may be feeling like the walls are closing in on you, and are calling for some more space. With the whole family at home having some time for yourself to escape the chaos is more important now than ever. As most of us...

Love Your Home - The Home Goals You Can Accomplish In Lockdown

21st April 2020

We are going to be in lockdown for a few more weeks, which means spending a lot more time at home. But home is the safest place for us all right now, so take comfort from that, and while you’re confined to home, why not use the time to give it a little bit of...

Getting your dream home has never been easier

29th March 2019

Whether you have just moved into a new property or have remained in the same location for many years, wanting to make our homes more ‘us’ is a very natural instinct. There are of course many simple ways we can personalise our homes, from the pictures we hang up, to the style and color of...

Keeping Your Home Secure in the Festive Season

20th December 2018

It is unfortunately only natural at this time of the year for our thoughts to turn to home security. With many homes full of lovely presents, it is perhaps no surprise to learn that the Police often see a significant increase in the number of home burglaries. To combat this, homeowners are often looking for...

What to do about condensation

13th November 2018

Every year around this time, as the weather turns colder and the days shorter, an increasing sight can be the formation of condensation in our homes. Often only small and of little nuisance, condensation can be a problem if it persists – and is sometimes a symptom of poor insulation. Activities, such as drying clothes...

When it comes to home security – why compromise?

9th October 2018

With figures showing home break-ins are on the increase in the UK, there has perhaps never been a more important time to improve your home’s security. One of the quickest and most effective ways of doing this is to invest in new windows and doors. Thanks to breakthroughs in design, materials, and manufacturing and installation...

It’s Never Been Easier and Cheaper to Transform your Home

12th September 2018

The urge to change our homes is not a new one. From the arrival of new family members, to necessary repairs to the need for modernisation, there are a multitude of reasons why a person may want to change the appearance of their home. Thankfully, with lower prices and greater selection than ever before, there...

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