What to do about condensation

Nov 13, 2018

Every year around this time, as the weather turns colder and the days shorter, an increasing sight can be the formation of condensation in our homes. Often only small and of little nuisance, condensation can be a problem if it persists – and is sometimes a symptom of poor insulation.

Activities, such as drying clothes indoors, cooking and having a shower can all contribute to the creation of condensation if not adequately dealt with. Condensation forms when an excess of water vapour is created in your home. If this water vapour cannot escape outside it will remain indoors, often on your windows and other surfaces. Here in the Isle of Wight we know the importance of good insulation against the elements. If your home is well insulated and aired, such condensation is small and can often be dealt with quite easily. However, if condensation persists after taking such measures, it may be a sign that you need to improve your home’s insulation, such as the installment of modern doors and windows that offer incredible insulation and can help reduce your monthly heating bills.

For small cases of condensation, such as during cooking and having a bath, simple things, such as keeping the lids on pans and opening a bathroom window slightly will often be enough to prevent any real build-up of condensation. Furthermore, refraining from drying clothes on radiators whenever possible will also help prevent any unnecessary build-up of water vapour.

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