Conservatory windows that change the weather!

Apr 26, 2018

If you are considering getting a new conservatory or wanting to refresh your old one, it’s likely that windows will not be high on your agenda. Design, cost, colours, even doors and lighting can often be put before what windows you decide on. Often overlooked, windows were simply seen as providing some sunlight into the room. In the past, this was perhaps understandable as there was not much choice available in terms of styling and size. Therefore, homeowners were often only given the real option of either single glazing or double glazing.

However, things have changed, and homeowners in the Isle of Wight and elsewhere now have a much bigger selection from which to choose from. On average, your home will lose 10% of its heat through your windows, with this number often higher for conservatories because they feature more glass. This can be why old conservatories often feel much colder than other parts of your home. To combat this, new, energy-efficient windows have been created. These windows are superior to double glazing and other types of windows in that they still let the light into your conservatory but also significantly reduce heat from leaving and cold from entering. This is done through a combination of the very latest designs and materials, including the use of specialised inert gas between the glass panes that drastically reduces heat loss.

These energy saving windows, therefore, help you to reduce your heating bills, as well ensure your conservatory remains the same, warm, consistent temperature as the rest of your home. Now available in a variety of styles, homeowners in the Isle of Wight can now get the latest energy efficient windows in a range of both modern and classic heritage styles. This means you can keep your home’s period styling whilst future-proofing it for many years to come.