Cleaning Your Conservatory Roof

Mar 1, 2018

From time to time your conservatory roof will need a good clean. Here are a few tips to help you make sure you do it right.

Cleaning a conservatory roof isn’t easy – access is the biggest issue so make sure you have a safe way to access the roof, preferable from the ground or ladder and by using an extended brush/pole. Do not stand on the roof. To make sure you loosen all the grime and dirt, us a soap/domestic cleaner that is specific for outdoor use.
You can use a pole with a sponge attached or you can buy/hire outdoor cleaning equipment that have a water feed.

Step one:

Have everything ready and make sure you have a safe and secure work area. This means setting up your step ladder securely and ensuring it is stable and level. You may need someone to help keep your ladder steady and help with passing you the cleaning products and equipment.

Step two:

Coordinate your work – work from one side to another applying your cleaning product and get scrubbing the dirt. Keep scrubbing, removing tough stains requires persistence!

Step three:

When you have cleaned the whole roof and you are happy with the results, rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe down or leave it to dry.

If you are unable to access your roof safely or unable to it yourself then there are plenty of local conservatory cleaners around in most areas.