Misted & Foggy Windows

Feb 17, 2018

Many customers ask us about reasons why double glazed windows are steaming up. They are three types of condensation.

Units are steaming up on the inside

If the double glazed unit steams up on the inside of your windows, is it very unlikely to be a faulty double glazed unit. Steaming up on the inside of the window happens when moisture hits your cold windows from things like dryers or radiators. Other reasons could be a roof or guttering damage or failed damp proof course.

Condensation that appears inside your sealed double glazed unit

If condensation appears inside the double glazed unit then your glazing unit is likely to be damaged.  This can happen after many years. The seal has probably broken allowing condensations to leak inside the units. The units will need replacing. Coastline Windows offer a 10 year warranty on all units (parts & labour) and another 10 year warranty on parts only.

Condensation appears on the outside of your window (external window condensation)

This is a natural occurrence with all double glazed units. Homeowners with highly energy-efficient windows may notice condensation forming on the outside from time to time, usually Autumn time when the temperature starts to drop. The condensation soon clears up but fact the condensation is forming means that very little heat is escaping from your windows and that means you have good energy efficient windows.